Landfill Overview

Integrated solid waste management...

Dem-Con Landfill opened its doors in 1985 and was the first of the Dem-Con Companies. Joe Pahl, the company's founder, developed a business to accept construction and demolition debris from the metro area to conserve airspace of the mixed municipal solid waste landfills in the area. Joe was also the owner of the now closed Louisville Landfill that accepted mixed waste (this landfill was set to close near the time Dem-Con Landfill would open).

Recent History

Dem-Con Landfill occupies approximately 120 acres of permitted airspace in Louisville Township, Scott County Minnesota. Dem-Con Landfill has increased the environmental protection of the site to not only meet but exceed current Minnesota Pollution Control requirements. Currently mixed construction materials are tipped on a lined cell that allows all rain and snow melt water to be collected and then treated to eliminate the potential impact to the environment.

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