Shingle Processing & Mobile Grinding

Shingle Recycling & Processing Overview

Landfill reduction with a roof-to-roads mentality!

Dem-Con Shingle Recycling & Processing is a company developed to further promote environmental stewardship and sustainability related to a particular waste stream, shingles. Dem-Con has been an industry leader in the field of tear-off shingle processing.

Dem-Con will save tens of thousands of cubic yards of landfill space by recycling shingles that are removed from your roof. Not only does this process conserve landfill space, but it also reduces the dependence on virgin oil currently used to manufacture hot mix asphalt.

Dem-Con has worked with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, MnDOT, the hot mix asphalt industry and equipment manufacturers to further develop this market and the recycled material into a viable product. The company is committed to meet the strict quality demands for this recovered product used in hot mix asphalt production in the Midwest region. Not only does Dem-Con produce this material locally, but offsite mobile grinding services are also provided throughout the United States upon request. Please contact us for further information or to request a custom grinding quotation.

Mobile Shingle Grinding

Can’t bring your shingles to us? We’ll come to you!

B66 Pics 008Dem-Con Shingle Processing is an experienced mobile grinding company that grinds manufacturing scrap and tear-off shingles at the company headquarters in Shakopee, MN and provides a convenient mobile service to facilities around the country. Ground shingle material creates a valuable product to the hot mix industry with sound economic savings.

Working with your company, Dem-Con Shingle Processing can provide a sustainable solution for the roofing, waste and hot mix industries.Dem-Con Shingle Processing…
Provides mobile grinding services throughout the United States .

Works with sites that segregate and prepare shingles based on their current state specifications.

Works side by side with facilities of various sizes and locations to reduce costs by utilizing existing site equipment and personnel.

Has custom equipment ready for mobilization that can meet required specifications.
Works with companies to create a saleable product from material that previously would have been landfilled.