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General Waste & Recycling, LLC

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How Can We Help You?

Whether you’re a contractor or a commercial business, we’re here
to meet your disposal and recycling needs.

How Can We Help You?

Our Landfills

Industrial Landfill

Dem-Con’s landfills are proud to offer services for industrial disposal of manufacturing and industrial wastes. Our state-of the art lined landfill with leachate collection is permitted with the MPCA to accept industrial wastes that are profiled and approved for disposal.

Construction & Demolition Landfill

With over 30 years of experience handling construction and demolition materials, our landfills are permitted to accept materials such as residuals from recycling operations, asbestos, contaminated soil, treated lumber, and wood materials. This state of the art lined landfill is also equipped with leachate collection.


Construction & Demolition Recycling

Dem-Con Recovery & Recycling was established in 1999 as one of the first facilities in the Twin Cities to
recycle mixed construction debris. Over the past decade, processes have improved and currently,
the facility has been expanded to nearly 40,000 sq. ft. of covered floor space dedicated to
construction and demolition recovery. This facility was designed to be a comprehensive service center that
accepts a wide range of materials.

The building handles demolition, construction, and mixed solid waste (household trash). Both mechanical
and manual separation techniques are used and result in high quality materials being sent to end
markets. The equipment allows materials to be sorted during the process with a maximum of 16 line
workers recovering ferrous and nonferrous metals, aggregate, cardboard, wood and ADC (alternative daily cover).


In addition, Dem-Con recycles ceiling tiles and is an Armstrong Certified C&D processor in Minnesota.
Nearly 10,000 sq. ft. is dedicated to deliver fuel to the waste to energy market including facilities in
Mankato and Redwing. The company continues to explore opportunities and markets for additional recovery opportunities.

The facility incorporates the latest technology and strategies available in the market for recovery of
construction materials. Monthly recovery numbers are available to all haulers that use our facility for the
purpose of meeting LEED Green Building Certification and B3 State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3-MSBG).


Dem-Con is proud to be certified by the Recycling Certification Institute. This 3rd party certification
ensures our customers that Dem-Con’s recycling numbers are real, attainable, and accurate.
An additional LEED credit (1 point for recycling numbers, 1 point for bringing material to a registered facility) are available for haulers that utilize our facility.

June 2023 LEED Numbers


Permit Number: SW-555


Dem-Con Blaine

Dem-Con Blaine is proud to offer a disposal option in Blaine for construction & demolition debris,
municipal solid waste, and single stream transfer.

For more information, please call (952) 445-5755.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7AM-5PM

Address: 3280 99th Ct. NE, Blaine, MN 55449


Dem-Con Metal Recycling


Dem-Con Metal Recycling is a full-service metal processing yard. This facility is
open to the public and accepts ferrous and non-ferrous metals, autos and more.
To learn more about this service, please visit us at:

DemConLogo- Metal Recycling

Single Stream Recycling

Dem-Con is proud to offer single stream recycling to our customers and communities throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. To learn more about Dem-Con Materials Recovery, click on the link below. For information about our educational programs, click on the Education tab on the top of the page.


Single Stream tab (under Contractor Services

Shingle Recycling

Dem-Con developed a shingle processing business to promote environmental stewardship and
sustainability. We accept asphalt shingles from manufacturer's waste as well as tear-offs from roofing
projects. Through our shingle processing, we are able to conserve landfill airspace and reduce the use of
virgin oil needed to manufacture hot mix asphalt.

Dem-Con was able to work closely with our partners at the MPCA, MnDOT, the hot-mix industry and
equipment manufactures to develop this product and meet the strict quality demands for use in hot-mix asphalt.

In addition to our shingle processing on site, we offer mobile grinding services throughout the Midwest.
Please contact us for more information or to request a custom grinding quote.

Wood Recycling

Our wood processing operation allows us to process wood to meet specific end
market demands from our customers. We are able to meet specifications and
supply wood for landscape mulch, erosion socks, bio-fuel, animal bedding, moisture
absorption and more.


Municipal Solid Waste Management

Our 10,000 sq. ft. municipal solid waste transfer station is dedicated to deliver fuel to the waste to
energy markets. To learn more about this facility or set up an account to utilize the transfer station,
please contact us.

Transportation & Logistics

Contact us to learn more about Dem-Con's transportation abilities. Our fleet includes end dumps, walking floor trailers,
and roll-offs to service our customers’ needs in the area.

Business Trash & Recycling Services

Dem-Con offers business trash and recycling services. We offer front load, open-top containers and waste compactors that we can customize to fit your business’ needs. Dem-Con is local and family owned and operated to better serve the needs of our customers right here in the Twin Cities. If you need trash or recycling services, please call 952-445-5755 to learn more.