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Green Grades by Dem-Con

Dem-Con is committed to recycling and environmentally responsible waste management. Our Green Grades Program was created with the goal of educating our community around this common goal.

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What we offer

From in person to virtual, we’ve got a little something for everyone and all ages.
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A group of people on a walking tour of the Dem-Con facility

Recycling Facility Tour

Tours of our Materials Recovery Facility will require one hour and provide an in-depth recycling education. Interactive activities and a tour inside the facility are also included.

Dem-Con Campus Tour Bus

Environmental Campus

This tour is 1.5 hours long and explores all our environmental campus has to offer, including our Materials Recovery Facility, Dem-Con Metals, shingle and wood processing, MSW transfer station, construction and demo recovery and the recycling facility and landfill.

Crystal, employee for Dem-Con poses with a "New" icon next to her, promoting Green Grades Live

Green Grades Live

Can’t make it to our Materials Recovery Facility? Join us for a live interactive virtual tour through the Materials Recovery Facility. This field trip will also include a live presentation and Q&A session.

Students learn about the Materials Recovery Facility in the Educational Trailer

Educational Trailer

Explore everything that our mobile trailer has to offer! Interactive exhibits make learning fun. Participants will learn about the lifecycle of their recycling and what should or shouldn’t go in a recycling bin. They will also learn about how solid waste is managed in an environmentally responsible way at Dem-Con Companies.

Students pose for the camera after learning about recycling

Online Curriculum &
Classroom Visits

Let us come to you! We’ll teach your students/organization about reduction, reuse and recycling. Fun activities and interactive lessons make this visit one you won’t forget! Or, skip the visit but not the lesson with our age-appropriate online curriculum via Google Classroom.

Virtual Commmunity image that reads "Let's find out where it goes" in relation to recycling

Virtual Community
Event Package

Have an event that could include recycling education? We are happy to provide you the materials you need to make the event a success with our Virtual Community Event package. This package includes a fun, educational video that can be played at your event and our recycling educational hand-out!

Questions or want to learn even more? Email Crystal McNally, Education and Marketing Director or call us!

Recycling Education Video Library

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Recycling Education Informational Materials

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