Commercial & Residential Recycling

Located in Shakopee, Minnesota

Zero Sorting, Just Easy Recycling.

Dem-Con is proud to offer single stream recycling to our customers and communities throught the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. To learn more about Dem-Con Materials Recovers, click the link below. For information about our educational programs, click the Education tab on the bottom of the page.

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Specialized Material Recycling


Metal Recycling

Dem-Con Metal Recycling is a full service metal processing yard. This facility is open to the public and accepts ferrous and non ferrous metals, autos and more.

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Shingle Recycling

Dem-Con developed a shingle processing business to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability. We accept asphalt shingles from manufacturer's waste as well as tear-offs from roofing projects.

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Wood Recycling

Our wood processing operation allows us to process wood to meet specific end market demands from our customers. We are able to meet specifications and supply wood for landscape multch, erosion socks, bio-fuel, animal bedding, moisture absorption and more.

What Happens To Your Waste

The facility incorporates the latest technology and strategies available in the market for recovery of construction materials. Monthly recovery numbers are available to all haulers that use our facility for the purpose of meeting LEED Green Building Certificaitons and B3 State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3-MSBG). Dem-Con is proud to be certified by the Recycling Certification Insitute. This 3rd party certification ensures our customers that Dem-Con's recycling numbers are real, attainable, and accurate. An additional LEED credit (1 point for recycling niumbers, 1 point for bringing material to a registered facility) are available for haulers that utilize our facility.

February 2019 LEED Numbers

Line Residuals: 31.37%
ADC: 34.99%
Cardboard: 1.72%
Wood: 20.21%
Aggregate: 6.71%
Steel: 4.77%
Other Metals: 0.23%
Shingles: 0.00%

Year to Date Line Residuals: 30.67%
ADC: 33.59%
Cardboard: 1.50%
Wood: 21.84%
Aggregate: 6.96%
Steel: 5.30%
Other Metals: 0.14%
Shingles: 0.00%

Permit Number: SW-555


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